FABRIC is a People consulting practice focused on maximizing the effectiveness of the Human Resources team and organization at large through team leadership, structure and strategy.  FABRIC helps companies develop and implement modern approaches to talent that are simple, relevant and woven into the business.

Today’s workforce is characterized more by its differences than by its similarities.

There are many factors that employers should consider when developing their unique approach to talent including generational differences, how individuals leverage technology, employee communication preferences, individual work-life needs and expectations employees have of their employers throughout the employee life cycle. Such differences can have significant impact on an organization’s culture and overall approach to talent and inevitably raise new challenges for employers in addressing the priorities of today’s multi-dimensional workforce.


What questions are companies asking today?

Knowing What to Focus on

  • Are we proactively addressing how the composition and complexities of today’s workforce impact our overall approach to talent?
  • What are our top 5 challenges around talent? Similarly, what do employees believe are the top 5 challenges in our work environment? Are there significant disconnects?
  • How are we tracking progress in making our company a better place to work where people can perform at their best?
  • Do we have the right approach to talent given our industry, growth stage and organizational values?

Strengthening the HR Team

  • What should the roles and priorities of Human Resources be given our organization’s strategy?
  • Do we have the most effective and impactful Human Resources team in place to handle today’s challenges and enable us to reach our goals?
  • What are my HR team’s strengths? What are their opportunities and how can we best address them?
  • What broader skills within our HR team are needed? How do we build these capabilities?
  • How can my CHRO further develop in her role without an in-house functional expert to guide her?

Scaling for Growth

  • How do we build the right Human Resources team and needed infrastructure given our size today?
  • What are the core building blocks we need around talent versus which ones are OK to consider at a later point in time?
  • How can we measure ourselves to ensure we are doing the right things for our people at the right point in time?
  • How do we hire and build a Human Resources organization effectively on a global scale?

Making Change Easier

  • We are merging with another organization. How should we approach the integration? What should we integrate fully versus what aspects of the two organizations should remain separate?
  • How do we best communicate changes to a workforce with different communication norms and different cultures?
  • How do we ensure all of our leaders have embraced and understand upcoming changes? What should the leader’s role be in communicating change to employees?

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